The Honorable Lindsay S. Garza

The Honorable Lindsay S. Garza

County Judge

Division Lee County

Civil - Lee County
Civil and Other Civil33.3%
Small Claims11.1%
Civil Traffic Infractions11.1%

Judicial Assistant Heather
Phone (239) 533-2913

Mailing Address
Lee County Justice Center
1700 Monroe Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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Judge Garza's Office

  • Proposed Orders - Shall be submitted electronically via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal by selecting “proposed documents” (the fourth option down on the page with the map of Florida on it).
    • Proposed Orders must be in word format, fully editable, Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font
    • Pro se parties are able to submit orders via paper mail to the judge’s office, all other documents (motions, exhibits, correspondence) need to be filed with the clerk’s office.
  • Scheduling – Please see the downloads tab for scheduling.
  • Copies/Case Law needed for hearings - Judge Garza does NOT want a binder or other paper copies of documents mailed to the office for a hearing. Please file everything in the court file, and she will review it electronically.
  • Court Date Changes/Missed Court Dates - Setting or changing a hearing date will not be handled solely over the phone. You MUST file a written motion with the Clerk of Courts, and then contact Judge Garza’s Office to formally set the case or approve any changes.

For AV Requests, please click on the following link: AV Request Form

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