Circuit Judge Shannon H. McFee

The Honorable Shannon H. McFee

Circuit Judge

Division Charlotte County

Criminal (M-Z)50%
Drug Court100%

Judicial Assistant Nicole
Phone (941) 637-2375
Email NShivak@CA.CJIS20.ORG

Mailing Address
Charlotte County Justice Center
350 E. Marion Avenue
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

GENERAL MOTION SCHEDULING: All hearings must be scheduled through the judicial assistant (Nicole at NShivak@CA.CJIS20.ORG). E-mail is the preferred method of scheduling hearings but you may also call to do so. When e-mailing our office to set a hearing, the following information is required from your office:
  • 1. Case Number
  • 2. Case Name
  • 3. The Motion(s) or Petition(s) to be heard
  • 4. The amount of time requested for the motion or petition.
Motions or Petitions must be filed with the Clerk before requesting time for a hearing. As a courtesy to the other side, the attorneys must clear the hearing time with the opposing party before booking the hearing. This is extremely important if the hearing involves testimony and the scheduling of witnesses to attend the hearing. Once you have coordinated with opposing counsel you will need to contact the judicial assistant to obtain hearing time. A Notice of Hearing must then be filed in the court file.

Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Shannon McFee to the Circuit Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit on December 19, 2019. Judge McFee took the Bench on February 3, 2020.

Judge McFee has been a resident of Southwest Florida since 1976. Judge McFee attended grade school at Golden Gate Elementary, Poinciana Elementary, Gulfview Middle School and St. Ann's School in Naples. A graduate of Saint John Neumann High School in Golden Gate, Judge McFee earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of South Florida in May, 1990. In December, 1992, Judge McFee graduated from the Florida State University College of Law and has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1993.

During his first fourteen (14) months as a lawyer, Judge McFee served as an Assistant State Attorney for the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in Collier County. From March, 1994 through his taking the Bench in February, 2020, Judge McFee focused his entire practice of law on criminal and juvenile defense. For many of those years, Judge McFee worked alongside his law partners, Jerry Berry, Donald Day and Janeice Martin. During his legal career, Judge McFee served multiple terms on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, was a member of the Florida Bar Traffic Rules Committee, and was a multi-term President of the Collier County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

In his spare time away from the practice of law, Judge McFee was the Head Coach of the boys' (1993-1996) and girls' (2003-2015) basketball teams at his alma mater, St. John Neumann High School. Additionally Judge McFee continues to officiate high school football and basketball.

Judge McFee is married and has raised four daughters here in Southwest Florida.

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