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Lee County - Foreclosure Cases

Scheduling of cases in Lee County: Motion Guidelines
(As of February 2014)

If you are requesting hearing times for a Foreclosure case; please refer to the below information for Lee County:

Residential Foreclosures

For information on how to schedule a hearing before a Senior Judge refer to the JACS page of this website.

For information on how to schedule a hearing before Magistrate Vazquez-Gonzalez refer to the JACS page of this website.

NOTE: You will only be able to schedule Motions before Judge Starnes via JACS.

Objection to Civil Magistrate in Foreclosure Cases

If a residential foreclosure case has been referred to the General Magistrate and a party objects, the party must file a timely objection with the clerk’s office and email a copy of it to . The objecting party is responsible for serving all parties of record with a copy of the objection.

Telephonic Appearances

How to Request a Telephonic Appearance at an Already Scheduled Hearing

All requests for telephonic appearances on an already scheduled hearing before the Senior Judge must be by Motion filed with the Clerk of Court and e-mailed to and to all parties of record in the case. Requests must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the scheduled hearing and must contain the case number, case caption and name and telephone number of the attorney who will be appearing via telephone.

Final Disposition Form

You are required to file a Final Disposition Form in your case (Instructions provided with form). The form is for use by the Clerk of Court for the purpose of reporting judicial workload data pursuant to Florida Statute section 25.075.

Foreclosure Document Submission in Court

In an effort to streamline the foreclosure court process, the clerk's office requests that you submit documents in court as follows:

Judgment Packets

  • 1 copy only of the Judgment (copies will be made by clerk after the sale information is entered on the judgement)
  • 1 copy only of the Notice of Sale
  • 3 sets of stamped envelopes addressed to all parties of record

Other Documents/Attachments

  • Original Note and Mortgage MUST be attached to a Notice of Filing
  • Additional documents such as payment history, default letter, or Notice of Intent MUST be attached to a Notice of Filing
  • Note: Do not submit Original Note and Mortgage and additional documents on the same Notice of Filing

Commercial Foreclosure-Lien Foreclosures-Post Judgment Residential Foreclosures

To schedule a hearing on a Commercial Foreclosure, Lien Foreclosure or Post Judgment Residential Foreclosure case, please contact the Judicial Assistant to the Judge assigned to your case.

Foreclosure Reduction Program

Temporary funding has been allocated to the 20th Judicial Circuit to continue the Foreclosure Backlog Reduction Initiative through FY 13/14, beginning 7/1/13 and ending 6/30/14. The Foreclosure Backlog Reduction Initiative will be utilizing a General Magistrate to hear foreclosure matters in addition to the Senior Judges currently presiding over the foreclosure dockets.

NOTE: Local Rules and Standards of Professionalism regarding motions are strictly enforced. Any motions not in full compliance with these rules may not be heard.


Lee County Justice Center
Sheila Mann
Civil/Family Division Director
1700 Monroe Street, Room 3404
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 533-2991

Lee County Justice Center
Patsy Wadley, Senior Secretary
Foreclosure Case Management
1700 Monroe Street, Room 3404
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 533-8461

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