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Description Order
2.1 - Jury Management (12/11/90) View
2.2 - Court Reporting Service Plan (2/22/06) (Revised)   View
2.3 - Court Files (2/4/91) View
2.4 - Assignment Of Refiled Cases (1/28/91) View
2.5 - Judicial Labor And Rotation Policy (Amended 5/30/12) (Amended) View
2.6 - Establishing Administrative Code (2/15/94) View
2.7 - Designation Of Branch Courthouses (Amended 6/18/10) (Amended) View
2.8 - Staff Attorneys And Trial Court Law Clerks (6/6/00) View
2.9 - Size Of Paper (12/14/90) View
2.10 - Intracircuit Conflict Resolution Procedure (2/21/91) View
2.11 - Assignment Of Forfeiture Cases (8/2/95) View
2.12 - Est. of Family Law Division (1/23/92) View
2.13 - Standard Of Courtroom Decorum (11/9/92) View
2.13 - Standard Of Courtroom Decorum - Addendum "A" (7/2/03) (Addendum)View
2.14 - Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) - Designation of Coordinator and Grievance Procedure - (Amended 4/14/16) (Amended)   View
2.15 - Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) - Notification of Court Proceedings (Amended 4/14/16) (Amended)   View
2.16 - Change of Venue Procedures (1/19/94) View
2.17 - Duty Judge Responsibilities (2/15/93) View
2.18 - Courthouse and Courtroom Security (1/20/00) Amended 12/16/2019 (Amended)   View
2.19 - Hurricane Preparedness (Amended 9/15/11) (Amended) View
2.20 - Standards of Professional Courtesy and Conduct and Establishment of Peer Review Program (Amended 2/19/14) (Amended) View
2.21 - Establishing Policy Prohibiting Court Employees From Accepting Gifts (7/18/00) View
2.22 - Jimmy Ryce Act Assignment And Procedures (10/24/00) View
2.23 - Procedure For Election Of Chief Judge (12/1/08) View
2.24 - Delegation of Contract Authority To The Court Administrator (9/22/03) View
2.25 - Sexual Harassment Policy And Procedures for Complaints Againist Trial Court Judges (Revised attachments 3/5/18) (Amended)   View
2.26 - Circuit Article V - Indigent Services Committee (10/27/06) View
2.27 - Appointment and Compensation Of Court Appointed Attorneys (7/16/04) View
2.28 - Judicial Annual Leave (2/24/06) View
2.29 - Procedures For Sealing Court Files and Records (6/7/07) (Vacated)   View
2.30 - Certified Civil Process Servers (formerly AO 1.11) (Renumbered 7/30/09 - Amended 1/26/11) (Amended) View
2.31 - Procedures For GPS and Alcohol Measuring Device Technology Vendors (Amended 11/16/2018 (Amended)View
2.32 - Lee County Court Division for the City of Cape Coral (4/21/10) View
2.33 - Procedure For determining compensation of court appointed counsel in excess... (Amended 6/25/20) (Amended) View
2.34 - Twentieth Judicial Circuit Professionalism Committee (Amended 10/15/14) (Amended) View
2.35 - Identification of Court Pleadings with Specificity (10/30/13) View
2.36 - Court Interpreters for Court or Court-odered Proceedings (1/29/16) View
2.37 - In Re: Twentieth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Standing Committee(9/15/16) View
2.38 - In Re: Twentieth Judicial Circuit Therapy/Facility Dog Program (07/30/18 - Order Supersedes AO 12.7) effective 08/01/18 View
2.39 - Mitigation Measures In Response to COVID-19, (Second Amended 5/29/2020) (Amended) View
2.40 - Introduction and Management of Evidence in Remote Hearings in Civil and Family Law Cases During the COVID-19 Pandemic, effective May 18, 2020 View
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