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CPS Listing List of Certified Process Servers
Certified Process Server Application Certified Process Server Application
CPS Complaint Form Cover Sheet Certified Process Server Complaint Form Cover Sheet
Administrative Order 2.30 Administrative Order 2.30
Florida Statutes Sections 48.25-48.31 Florida Statutes Sections 48.25-48.31
Certified Process Servers Program Policies Certified Process Servers Program Policies


Introduction to the Certified Process Servers Program

The Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida established, via Administrative Order 2.30, an approved list of Certified Process Servers as an alternative means for the service of process for criminal summonses, criminal witness subpoenas, and initial nonenforceable civil process. This list represents persons authorized to serve state-court process within the circuit. Under section 48.27, Florida Statutes, this list must not be used to exclude a person from equally authorized appointments in accordance with Rule 1.070(b) of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure or section 48.021, Florida Statutes. Under Administrative Order 2.30 (revised January 26, 2011), the Administrative Office of the Courts is charged with establishing policies to maintain the list.

Scope of the Certified Process Server Program

The intent of the CPSP program is to maintain the CPSP list in accordance with section 48.021, Florida Statutes, and Administrative Order 2.30. It must be noted that the CPSP list does not represent a license, or any other form of exclusive authorization to serve process within the circuit under either state, federal, or any other authority provided for by law. Rather, the CPSP list promulgated by the Twentieth Judicial Circuit is a nonexclusive method of becoming both certified and legally authorized, under section 48.27, Florida Statutes, to serve initial nonenforceable civil process on a person found within the Twentieth Judicial Circuit.

Member Benefits and Requirements

Benefits of being on the Certified Process Servers List include the ability to avoid the required procedure of Rule 1.070(b) of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, which involves case-by-case appointments to serve process in any state-court civil action. Statewide statutory requirements (which may be reviewed at: section 48.29, Florida Statutes) include being at least 18 years of age, having no mental or legal disability, being a permanent resident of Florida, and other mandates. All of the steps required to become named on the circuit's Certified Process Servers List may be found on our application. The major requirements include:

Obtaining More Information

Staff support for the Chief Judge's Certified Process Servers List may be reached at: 239.533.1719 (telephone), 239.533.1796 (fax), or

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Administrative Office of the Courts
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