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All Residential Foreclosure matters in Charlotte County will be scheduled before the Senior Judge via JACS.


The Senior Judge may hear ALL contested and uncontested Residential Foreclosure Motion Hearings and NON-Jury Trials, the available docket dates and times can be viewed and scheduled on the JACS calendar.


  • Hearings are initially limited to 5-10 minutes each.
  • Generally set on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • The Courtroom Assignment should be left blank. Parties should arrive early to the hearing to verify courtroom assignment with the Main Lobby Information Desk or on the information monitors on each floor.
  • To schedule a hearing beyond 10 minutes, first schedule the hearing on JACS and then contact Ms. Valerie Gray at (941) 505-4728 to have the duration increased.
  • Click here to view available JACS dates


CANCEL HEARING. If a hearing must be cancelled on short notice, file a Notice of Cancellation with the Clerk and send a courtesy copy to the Civil Case Management Office at civilcmcharlotte@ca.cjis20.org or fax a copy to (941) 833-3063.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENT SUBMISSION IN COURT. Carry the original packets to the hearing, please do not mail. Any other correspondence to the Senior Judge should be mailed to the Civil Case Management Office, Charlotte County Justice Center, 2nd Floor, 350 East Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, FL 33950.


Dates have been reserved to hear Non-Jury Trials. Parties should only coordinate the date; the Court will assign the time. Click here to view available trial dates

Prepare the trial order, Uniform Order Setting Non-Jury Trial before the Senior Judge, only add the trial date and certificate of service information. Click here to access the Uniform Order Setting Non-Jury Trial document

Provide extra copies for each party listed on the certificate of service with self- addressed stamped envelopes and submit the packet by regular mail to the Office of the Honorable Lisa S. Porter, 350 East Marion Ave., Punta Gorda, FL 33950.

ORIGINAL FINAL JUDGEMENT SUBMISSION IN COURT. In an effort to streamline the foreclosure final judgement process, the Clerk’s Office request that you submit documents to the Court as follows:

Judgment Packets

  • One (1) Original Judgment (for the Judge to sign)
  • One copy for every party on the service list/ parties of record
  • Stamped envelopes addressed to all parties of record

Other Documents

  • One copy of the Certificate of Sale
  • One copy of the Certified Title, conformed to state the Plaintiff as to whom the property was sold.
  • Two (2) sets of stamped envelopes addressed to every party on the service list
  • One (1) copy of the Notice of Sale (for the Clerk to provide to the newspaper)

For Homestead Mediation Information: Visit the Homestead Mediation Page


Magistrate Koch may hear all contested and uncontested Non-Residential Foreclosure Civil Hearings and Non- Jury Trials. Available docket times on Wednesdays may be viewed on JACS. After coordinating a date and time, contact the Magistrate’s Assistant at (941) 637-2213 to enter the hearings on the JACS Calendar.

An Order of Referral to Magistrate Robert Koch must be provided by the parties to Judge Lisa S. Porter. ORDERS OF REFERRAL MUST BE IN THE COURT FILE (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE HEARING DATE. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN CANCELLATION OF HEARING WITHOUT NOTICE. Click here for downloadable form.

Objection to the Referral – If a Motion or Non-Jury Trial has been referred to the Magistrate and a party objects, the party must file a timely objection with the clerk's office and mail a copy to the Magistrate's Office. The parties may NOT file an objection when the court on its own motion sets the matter for Civil Case Management Conference before the Magistrate.

Effective October 1, 2015, all Uncontested Petitions for Transfer of Structured Settlements will be heard by Magistrate Koch. Attorneys may appear telephonically through Courtcall for these hearings by following the instructions for telephonic appearances. Available docket times on Wednesdays may be viewed on JACS. Attorneys may schedule these hearings by contacting the Magistrate’s Assistant at (941) 637-2213.

If a scheduled hearing must be cancelled on short notice, please fax a Notice of Cancellation to (941) 637-2337.

TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE IS NOT PERMITTED for hearings set before Magistrate Koch (with the exception of Petitions to Transfer Structured Settlements) or Senior Judge regardless of the length of hearing.


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