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Welcome to the Collier County Drug Courts Treatment Website for the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida.



Defendants who plea into Drug Court are placed on a period of probation to include two (2) years of Drug Offender Probation, a requirement of which is compliance with a highly structured, court-based treatment program lasting a minimum of 12 months. Participants attend Drug Court regularly, where their progress in treatment is discussed with the entire Drug Court Team, including the Judge. A Participant's successful completion of the program and all probation may lead to reduction or even dismissal of their charges. Entry into the program is voluntary, but once accepted, compliance is required.

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Program Objectives

  1. Identify appropriate Participants
    • Clinically appropriate history of significant substance abuse;
    • Legally appropriate facing felony charges &/or Violation of State Probation;
  2. Develop holistic and individualized treatment plans respecting the unique needs of each Participant;
  3. Equip participants through treatment with tools to maintain sobriety and achieve lasting recovery from alcohol and drug addiction;
  4. Maintain constant emphasis on honesty and accountability, in all aspects of the program;
  5. Improve community functioning of Participants in areas of employment, education/training, housing and relationships;
  6. Reduce harmful impacts of chronic substance abuse upon Participants, families, businesses & our community;
  7. Reduce relapse, recidivism and reincarceration.

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Program Criteria

Referrals may come from anyone - the Judge, the State Attorney, the Defense Attorney, a Probation Officer, the Arresting Officer, Jail Staff, a pastor or counselor, a family member or employer, or the defendant himself/herself. Once identified, the Defendant may be screened by a drug addiction specialist to determine if they are clinically appropriate for the program. If clinically appropriate, the State Attorney determines whether the Defendant is legally appropriate for an opportunity in Drug Court, and if so, under what terms. Once approved, the Defendant and State Attorney each sign a contract agreeing to the conditions of the Drug Court Program. Upon signing the contract, the Defendant enters a plea/admission according to the terms negotiated between the State Attorney and the Defendant's attorney. Drug Court is a phased, step-down program that includes treatment, recovery support group meetings, drug testing, court appearances and service work. Participants are also required to obtain and maintain full-time employment or schooling, and are held financially accountable for the cost of their treatment and court obligations. Each Participant's progress is monitored and discussed weekly by the Drug Court Team. The Team has discretion to award incentives for progress, and to impose sanctions for infractions. Serious infractions may result in a Violation of Probation or termination from Drug Court.

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Who is Eligible?

  • Adult Resident of Collier County, Florida
  • Must have and admit to a serious drug problem
  • Must be able to work or attend school full-time, and participate fully in treatment and court
  • Facing felony charge(s) or Violation(s) of State Probation
  • If charges are out of another FL county, transfer to Collier may be possible
  • All referrals will be subject to clinical screening and final approval by the Drug Court Team
  • Must be ready and willing to be fully honest and work hard to find a lasting recovery!

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Financial Obligations

Participants are responsible for payment of full restitution to any victims of their crimes (the details and amount of which, if any is owed, are negotiated up front and included in the Drug Court Contract). Participants are also responsible for all court costs, fines and fees, as well as the cost of all treatment sessions and drug testing. Participants will need to certify their ability to meet these financial obligations prior to being accepted into Drug Court.

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Program Completion

Upon completion of all terms of the Drug Court Program, the Participant will "Move On" from Drug Court, and the balance of his/her probation will convert to regular reporting probation. Upon completion of all probation terms, the Participant may be granted an early termination of probation, and in some cases (according to the terms of the individual's Drug Court Contract) felony adjudication may be avoided and/or some or all charges may be dropped.

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Refer a Defendant to Drug Court

To refer a defendant to Drug Court please click the link below and complete the referral form. All referrals must be completely filled out. Be sure you have all the relevant information before submitting a referral and be specific.

View the Collier Treatment Court Referral Form Collier Treatment Court Referral Form (Online)

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Contact Information

Should you have additional questions after reviewing all items on this website (including downloads in the upper right corner), please contact Katie Burrows at (239) 263-4013 x 7125 or katieb@dlcmhc.com.

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