20th Judicial Circuit        

Collier Circuit Judge Elizabeth V. Krier

Judge's Biography


Circuit Judge


Collier County

General Civil (Including Foreclosure) 33%
Probate & Guardianship 33%

Judicial Assistant

Name: Tammy
Phone: (239) 252-2783

Mailing Address

Collier County Courthouse
3315 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 401
Naples, FL 34112

Judge Krier's Collier Civil Division Procedures

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Please SUBMIT ALL PROPOSED ORDERS and JUDGMENTS VIA EMAIL IN WORD FORMAT to Talexander@ca.cjis20.org AFTER your court proceeding. Attach documents to the emails. DO NOT send Orders and Judgments on thumb drives or disks. Paper orders will NOT be processed.

JURY TRIALS: Until authorized by the Florida Supreme Court, there aren't any civil jury trials occurring.

GUARDIANSHIP CASES: any hearings in these cases MUST be scheduled through the Judge's JA. They may NOT be scheduled via JACS. Any guardianship hearings NOT scheduled via the JA, will be cancelled.

ALL OTHER JUDGE KRIER COURT PROCEEDINGS: Beginning 9/1/2020 the Florida Supreme Court and the Twentieth Circuit are requiring that all court proceedings occur via Zoom. Court Call is no longer allowed. When noticing a hearing, you MUST set forth the Zoom information in your Notice of Hearing. Such information is set forth at Judge Krier's Zoom Instructions.

ALERT: In order to afford the Public the ability to attend the above proceedings, beginning 9/1/2020 all Zoom proceedings will be linked to YouTube. Unless Judge Krier is required to swear in a witness or review evidence, video is not required for these proceedings.

EXHIBITS for evidentiary proceedings including non-jury trials: See 20th Circuit Administrative Order 2.40. file exhibits in court file 5 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE YOUR COURT PROCEEDING. You may file exhibits together in one filing BUT MUST file an index with said filing that indicates the page numbers at which EACH exhibit occurs in the filing. ALL EXHIBITS MUST BE IDENTIFIED BY PARTY and NUMBERED OR LETTERED. REMEMBER that hearings must be designated as evidentiary in order to use exhibits. Exhibits do NOT include copies of pleadings and motions filed in the court file or case law.

CASE LAW: If you wish to forward case law to the Judge for a court proceeding that is NOT cited in the Motion or other court filing, please attach and forward them via email to the Judge's office email address: Talexander@ca.cjis20.org.

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