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 Circuit Judges Assigned to Lee County:

Judge Division Judicial Assistant Phone Schedule
Hon. Elisabeth Adams Lee County Robin (239) 533-8407 View
Hon. Robert Branning Lee County Kim (239) 533-9160 View
Hon. John S. Carlin Lee County Joanne (239) 533-2871 View
Hon. G. Keith Cary Lee County Susan (239) 533-9140 View
Hon. John Duryea Lee County Cindy (239) 533-2831 View
Hon. Joseph C. Fuller Lee County Lucinda (239) 533-2860 View
Hon. Geoffrey H. Gentile Lee County Dorina (239) 533-2600 View
Hon. Amy Hawthorne Lee County Brenda (239) 533-2822 View
Hon. Bruce Kyle Lee County Ashley (239) 533-2529 View
Hon. Keith R. Kyle Lee County LaToya (239) 533-9180 View
Hon. Alane Laboda Lee County Kathleen (239) 533-2744 View
Hon. Ramiro Mañalich Lee County Melissa (239) 533-8244 View
Hon. Michael T. McHugh Lee County Kathy (239) 533-2775 View
Hon. J. Frank Porter Lee County Maria (239) 533-2730 View
Hon. Lee A. Schreiber Lee County Denise (239) 533-2500 View
Hon. Margaret O. Steinbeck Lee County Katie (239) 533-9162 View
Hon. Nicholas Thompson Lee County Terri (239) 533-9161 View

 County Judges Assigned to Lee County:

Judge Division Judicial Assistant Phone Schedule
Hon. James R. Adams Lee County Lisa (239) 533-2954 View
Hon. Josephine Gagliardi Lee County Sonia (239) 533-8268 View
Hon. Devin S. George Lee County Terry (239) 533-2510 View
Hon. Zachary M. Gill Lee County Stephanie (239) 533-2677 View
Hon. Maria E. Gonzalez Lee County Jean (239) 533-2618 View
Hon. Archie B. Hayward, Jr. Lee County Simone (239) 533-2913 View
Hon. Tara P. Paluck Lee County Jessica (239) 533-8257 View
Hon. H. Andrew Swett Lee County Kate (239) 533-9157 View

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