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Lee County Justice Center
Court Security
2075 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Except Holidays
Phone: (239) 533-2879
Fax: (239) 485-2718

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Lee County Court Security

Welcome to the Lee County Justice Center Court Security Homepage.

Our job is to ensure your safety and security during your visit to the Court. This webpage provides a lot of helpful information that will assist you when entering and exiting the complex, so you experience minimal delay.

Please take a moment to review the information provided.

Our Mission

The mission of the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Court Security Department, as a part thereof, is to provide the highest level of professional services with integrity, equality, and respect that supports the judiciary in their efforts to protect rights and liberties, ensure access to justice for all citizens, and provide for the peaceful resolution of disputes in a fair and timely manner.

Our Vision

The Administrative Office of the Courts and the Court Security Department, as a part thereof, will provide professional, efficient, effective service to the Courts focusing on our core businesses:

  • Be fair, equitable, and conduct business with integrity.
  • Uphold the principles of judicial independence and accountability.
  • Be accessible, convenient, understandable and timely.
  • Be effective.
  • Be responsive and anticipate the needs of those we serve.

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Screening Procedure

What can I expect upon entering the complex?

Each visitor who enters the Lee County Justice Center Complex must pass through a security checkpoint, with assistance from a Court Security Officer.

  • Be prepared to empty your pockets and place contents in a container provided to you at the checkpoint. Mobile phones, music players such as iPods, personal data assistance (PDAs) and other hand held electronic devices must be placed into a container for screening.
  • Please remove large pieces of jewelry, watches, sunglasses, hats, belts, boots, jackets, steel toe shoes, etc., and place them into containers provided at the checkpoint before passing through the magnetometer. Doing so, will save you time and prevent you from having to go through additional screening.
  • Be prepared to provide purses, briefcases, laptops and laptop cases, backpacks, and other hand carried items to the court security officer for x-ray screening and additional screening as requested by court security officers or bailiffs.
  • Be prepared to undergo a physical search of your person by a court security officer of the same gender should the magnetometer sound an alarm as you pass through. Please follow the directions of the court security officer or bailiff, who will assist you through the rest of the screening process, should this occur.
  • Persons with electronic implants, physical disabilities, as well as others with special needs must submit to a physical search of their person by a court security officer of the same gender.
  • Before leaving the security checkpoint, please remember to retrieve all of your personal possessions. Court security personnel and the bailiffs are not responsible for items left at the security checkpoint.
  • There are a variety of potentially hazardous and dangerous items that are not permitted inside the Court's facilities. In general, items that could be used to injure or harm another person are not permitted and cannot be brought into the complex. See the list of prohibited items for additional information.
  • If in doubt about an item, leave it at home. If a potentially hazardous or dangerous item is brought into the complex, the person possessing the item may be subject to arrest, instructed to remove the item, or denied access and escorted from the complex. All prohibited items left at the checkpoint will not be returned.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow instructions provided by court security officers or the bailiffs to safely exit the complex. Court security officers or the bailiffs will provide directions and routes for leaving the building, and where to go once outside. Persons with physical disabilities will be provided assistance.
  • Any visitor who has a safety concern or security issue should contact any court security officer or bailiff for assistance.

Help keep your experience simple!

  • Arrive a few minutes early
  • Be prepared for the screening process
  • Cooperate with court security officers and/or bailiffs' directions
  • Never bring a knife, handgun, or illegal items to the courthouse
  • Alert court security to potentially dangerous or hazardous situations
  • Ask for help


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Weapons and Prohibited Items

The goal of Court Security is to make the Lee County Justice Center Complex a safe and secure environment for you to conduct your business at the Court.

Persons entering a Lee County Justice Center Complex facility may be subject to a physical search of their person and handheld possessions. Handheld possessions may include purses, wallets, luggage, toolboxes, cell phones, pagers, briefcases, packages, etc. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited and may be confiscated. Among items prohibited from court facilities are guns, knives, ammunition, pepper spray, mace, razor blades, illegal drugs and any other type of dangerous or hazardous material or property.

A variety of items may be prohibited because they are hazardous or could be used as potential weapons. These items include any object that is sharp, pointed or with a cutting blade regardless of length. Among the items that are potential weapons are knives, scissors, screwdrivers, large metal nail files and tools not in a tool kit and not used for repair and maintenance.

Prohibited items left at a security checkpoint will not be returned to the owner.

List of Prohibited Items

  • Firearms and Ammunition
    Firearms and / or parts of firearms
    Ammunition / magazines / gun powder
    Flare guns and/or flares
    Gun lighters
    Realistic replicas of guns and toy guns
    Other items capable of firing / launching a projectile capable of causing serious bodily injury or death
  • Edged Weapons and Sharp Objects
    Knives / swords / any edged weapon
    Pocket knives / shanks
    Razors and Box cutters
    Bows / arrows
    Other edged weapons/sharp objects capable of causing serious bodily injury or death
  • Impact Weapons
    Bats / clubs / pool cues
    Fighting knuckles composed of any material
    Martial arts weapons including nun-chucks and throwing stars
    Night sticks / batons / expandable batons / whips
    Tools including but not limited to axes / hatchets
    Other items capable of causing serious bodily injury or death when used as an impact weapon
  • Explosives, Flammable Materials, Chemicals
    Blasting caps
    Dynamite, plastic explosives or any other explosive compound or material
    Improvised explosive devices (IED)
    Improvised explosive device components
    Fireworks, Flares
    Hand grenades
    Replicas or simulated explosive devices and materials
    Gasoline and other fuels
    Flammable liquids and/or gels
    Hazardous materials (HAZMAT)

Other Items
All liquids
Tear gas and self defense sprays including CN, CS, OC
Stun guns / tasers / electronic defense devices
Narcotics/illicit drugs/drug paraphernalia
Handcuffs and handcuff keys
Law enforcement uniforms, insignia, badges or emblems may not be worn or displayed by a person who is not a commissioned law enforcement officer in such a manner that constitutes a violation of Florida Statutes 843.085 - Unlawful use of police badges or other indicia of authority.

Laser pointers may be allowed inside court facilities for legitimate courtroom presentations, in the possession of members of The Florida Bar (in good standing), but are subject to examination and approval by court security staff.

Questions concerning the list of prohibited items contact may be directed to any court security officer or bailiff, call 239-533-1717, or email us at

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Law Enforcement Officers

The following procedures apply to State of Florida certified law enforcement officers, or Federal law enforcement personnel who wish to retain their weapons while in a courthouse within the 20th Judicial Circuit.

  • Uniformed law enforcement officers (as described above) shall display their current departmental photo ID to court security staff upon entering the complex. Officers shall advise court security staff of the purpose of their visit, affirm that they are acting in their official capacity, and disclose their destination in the courthouse.
  • For the purpose of this policy, a weapon is a firearm, ammunition, knife, impact weapon, electronic device or chemical agent the officer would normally possess in their position as a law enforcement officer.
  • Official capacity refers to any activity that arises from employment as a law enforcement officer requiring them to enter a courthouse within the 20th Judicial Circuit. It does NOT include jury duty, appearing as a victim, witness (non-work related), spectator or party to any court proceeding, civil, domestic or criminal in which they are personally (non-work related) involved.
  • Plain-clothed law enforcement officers are prohibited from carrying any weapon concealed or displayed into a courthouse within the 20th Judicial Circuit. Gun lockers are provided by court security for storage of department issued handguns. All other weapons must be stored offsite.
  • Law enforcement personnel comprising an official security detail shall be exempt from this provision, and shall provide prior notice to the Chief of Court Security concerning the time and nature of their visit to the Court.
  • Law enforcement personnel carrying weapons, ammunition, or explosive devices to the Court for evidentiary purposes must contact Court Security prior to their arrival at the courthouse to receive direction to the appropriate entrance and assignment of a bailiff escort. All weapons or explosive devices shall be carried in a safe and secure manner at all times while at the complex.

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Lost and Found

Lost and found items to include unclaimed items will be held for 30 days and then disposed of in accordance with the Court's policies and procedures. Prohibited items are disposed of immediately.

If you lost an item while at the Court, please complete the form below. Once the form is complete, you can save it to your computer and then use the following email adress to send the completed form. You may also contact us as soon as possible at (239) 533-1717, or by email at

Report A Lost Item Click Here

  • Tell us WHEN the item was discovered missing/when you had it last.
  • Tell us WHERE you were when you had it last/where you think it might have been lost.
  • The form includes space for Make, Model Number and Serial Numbers in a field called "Description." Use this area to enter a very basic description of the item.
  • If you item(s) is/are found, you will be contacted by our office.
  • The Lee County Justice Center Complex is open to the public Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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