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The Supreme Court of Florida has established guidelines for the prompt processing and resolution of civil cases, “the trial judge shall take charge of all cases at an early stage in the litigation and shall control the progress of the case thereafter until the case is determined.” Fla. R. Jud. Admin. 2.545(b). This Court has adopted a case management system to help meet those guidelines

The Case Management system requires early consultation and cooperation among the parties for the preparation and submission of an Agreed Case Management Plan.

The basis for the Civil Case Management plan is identified as the Civil Differentiated Case Management (DCM) Procedures and Backlog Reduction Plan. The plan is to be used a model for the purpose of establishing time standards, improving the courts ability to provide early and continuous management of civil cases as required by Fla. R. Jud Admin 2.545.

Administrative Order 1.13 (Establishment and Implementation of Civil Case Management Plan) has been amended pursuant to the Supreme Court directive (AOSC 20-23 Amendment 12) in which the Trial Courts are required to implement civil case management procedures in circuit and county court by April 30, 2021.

As it relates to Circuit Court, the Court will issue a standard case management plan if within 150 days of filing a case parties have not submitted one. Parties are still encouraged to submit a case management plan prior to the 150 day mark.

In County Court, a plan will automatically be issued at the initiation of a case. If parties do not agree on that case management plan, an agreed amended plan may be submitted with an explanation on what needs to be changed. It is then subject to approval by the Court.

The Civil Case Management Plan shall be implemented circuit wide, however depending on the county the Circuit or County Administrative Judge may submit a proposed plan to the Chief Judge with procedures that may be implemented in their respective county.

This will take effect on Friday, April 30, 2021 to any new civil case filed in County Court. For filings issued before April 30, 2021, a case management order shall be issued by December 3, 2021.



Charlotte County
Collier County
Lee County
County Civil Case Management

The Court will issue a case plan at the initiation of a case. The plan is to be served by the plaintiff with the complaint and Standing Order. If the parties need to make changes to the Court’s Case Management Plan, the parties may submit an Agreed Case Management Plan, subject to approval by the Court, or the parties may request to schedule a Case Management Conference.


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