Hon. Margaret O. Steinbeck Docket
20th Judicial Circuit
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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
8:30 AM | Trial
Lee Justice Ctr: Courtroom - 7-A (7th Floor)

Case Information:

Time Duration Case Style Case Number Proceeding Attorney
8:30 AM    Beriault, Christopher  22cf16093
  SAO / Garber, Carolyn Capri 
   10min  Franklin, Carlton Donnell  22cf620  Motion to Extend Plea Deadline  SAO / Brown, Michael A. 
     McDonald, Jeffrey Lamon  22cf16010    SAO / Garber, Carolyn Capri 
     Stuhff, Rory Clay  23cf14630  Motion to Set Aside Bench Warrant  SAO / Brown, Michael A.