Effective July 3, 2023 Judge Lisa S. Porter has moved to Charlotte County resulting in a judicial vacancy for Division A. Until a new judge is appointed, Lee Family Law Judges and Senior Judges will be covering dockets for Division A. For attorneys wishing to file proposed orders on their cases in this division may e-file through the portal to “Division A." Proposed orders will be reviewed and routed to the appropriate judge for signature.

All scheduling for “Division A” cases will be done by Judge Swift’s Judicial Assistant, Ivelisse. Parties wishing to schedule a hearing may email her at Tina Baginski remains the case manager for Division A. Parties with general questions or those who are seeking information on case status may contact her at or 239-533-8248.

When e-filing proposed orders or Final Judgments to the Lee County Family Law Judges please include the information below. Be sure to remove the Judge's name and signature line and the Judicial Assistant name and signature line. Proposed orders that are signed by the judge through aiSmartbench automatically include the judges printed name, date and time of signing. Please note the Certificate of Service must be fully completed.

DONE and ORDERED in Chambers, in Lee County, Florida.

Certificate of Service
(Fully completed certificate of service)