Probate Information

Probate is a legal process through which the assets of a deceased person are inventoried and distributed to pay creditors' claims against the estate. If there are remaining assets, they are distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries. The court determines the validity of the will and oversees the process to ensure that the estate is properly administered.

Lee County Probate Information:

A *NEW* Formal Administrative Checklist has been posted under the downloads section. There is no formal case management for Probate cases, orders are submitted directly to the assigned judge via the e-portal system. In an effort to expedite the judicial review of these cases prior to signing proposed orders, mandatory checklists must be filed with the Clerk of Court either prior to or simultaneously with submission of the corresponding Petition for Formal Administration, Petition for Summary Administration or Final Discharge. Failure to file the appropriate completed and signed checklist will result in proposed orders being deleted and not processed for review by the Court. Links to the downloadable checklists are below. A link to the checklists can also be found under the “downloads” tab on the civil judges’ individual web pages.

For more informaiton on Probate cases contact the Lee Clerk of Court at

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Charlotte County Probate Information:

The Probate Office handles court-supervised proceedings for establishment of wills, settlement of decedent's estates, supervision of guardianships for minors and incapacitated persons, and filing of mental health cases. The Probate Office stores wills that have been deposited with them after the death of the decedent.

IMPORTANT: When a notice of hearing is filed a copy of the notice of hearing must be immediately send to the Court's Judicial Assistant. If his procedure is not followed in every case the hearing will not be placed on the Court’s docket.
Collier County Probate Information:

No case management is provided. Contact the Collier Clerk of Court (Probate) for more information:

Hendry County Probate Information:

No case management is provided. Contact the Hendry Clerk of Court (Probate) for more information:

Glades County Probate Information:

No case management is provided. Contact the Glades Clerk of Court for more information: